Go Anywhere with Pokémon Go!

The Pokémon fans out there had laid low for long because not a single revolutionary Pokémon game was released over the past few years. However, greatness awaits for all those Pokémon fans because there’s one game changer in town.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

It’s the legendary Pokémon Go which you have probably heard of and in my experience, this game is like one of the most viral games of the decade. Developed by Niantic and published by ‘The Pokemon Company’, Pokemon Go is the very first AR cum GPS based game for iOS and Android platforms. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016 and if you haven’t played the game yet, you are like… something amazing is missing in your schedule.

How is the game played?


Pokémon Go – Install from Google Play

Since Pokémon Go is the first of its kind on Android and iOS, you may not be familiar with how the game is played. Well, it’s all about moving here and there in your vicinity (yeah, I’m talking about real world) and locate those Pokémons. Still don’t get a hold on how the game works? There are Pokémons all around you.

Wait! You won’t see them even with a Microscope because they aren’t really there but they are… It’s getting really crazy so in a nutshell, when your move in real world, your dude on the phone also moves and you can locate Pokémons around your hood and capture them on your device.

Pokémon Go Plus

Have you heard about Pokémon Go Plus? You might really wanna grab one if you know what it does. Actually, it’s a Bluetooth guy which is gonna make the map navigation easier. You don’t need to dump your eyes on your phone’s screen all the time expecting to locate a Pokémon or two right in the middle of a highway.

PGP will warn you of any Pokémon/s nearby because it vibrates, should it detect one you. Just pair it with your phone and you are good to go.



You don’t need any additional hardware to have the real taste of Pokémon Go. However, its requirements are kind of weird:

  1. Your device must have a perfect GPS and it must remain on as long as you are playing the game.
  2. You will need a solid internet connection to get everything working just fine.

Pokemons Are All Over the World

Doesn’t that sound great? Pokémon’s everywhere? That’s the reason why this game is literally impossible to complete. Would you every go around the world just to collect those Pokémon’s? Believe it or not, I’m sure there will be a few doing this somehow perfect craziness and without any doubt, they are gonna be the real fans.

Pokémon Go Warning!

It was just the other day that a dude here in my hood nearly got run over by a low rider because he was walking around with his eyes on that 5” screen playing PG. Please be very careful while playing the game because a heck lot of accidents have been reported…